Specialised spraying services
for all your garden needs

Spraytech offers a range of professional services to property factors & homeowners:

  • Site surveys for Japanese Knotweed identification
  • Control and treatment of Japanese Knotweed
  • Japanese Knotweed management plans
  • 5-year guarantees against regrowth
  • Total weed killing and growth control
  • Power cleaning, moss and algae busting

Japanese Knotweed

Why should you be concerned about Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is an invasive weed, introduced to the UK from Asia in 1825 and along with other invasive species, has become a Europe-wide environmental concern.

Japanese Knotweed can damage walls and building foundations. It is extremely difficult to get rid of as it thrives when disturbed. The species flourishes in the UK and Europe and even tiny fragments of the plant can regrow.

All parts of the plant can only be disposed of in prescribed ways and it is illegal in the UK to cause Japanese Knotweed to spread from your property to your neighbours’.

What can Spraytech do about Japanese Knotweed?

As experts in identifying Japanese Knotweed, we’ll inspect your properties for free and confirm if the species is present. We can also identify up to 40 other invasive species of plants.

Should we find Japanese Knotweed we can provide realistic and cost-effective prices for the plan of action we agree.

Plans are made to suit your particular circumstances and include:

  • Free identification
  • Surveys and management plans
  • Expert control and treatment plans
  • Full insurance
  • 5-year guarantees

If you would prefer the security of escrow or bond payments, we can arrange that too. Call us on 01292 440 080 today to find out more.

Japanese Knotweed

Total weed killing

Our professional weed killing services provide fast-acting and long-lasting solutions to weed growth.

Using animal-friendly professional products not available to the general public, we can treat and control growth almost anywhere including industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

Growth control

If your property has unruly grassed areas, shrubs or hedges that require constant and expensive maintenance, let us apply approved growth reduction treatments.

This slows growth and can significantly reduce your annual landscape maintenance costs.

Power cleaning, moss and algae busting

We also offer a professional power cleaning service as well as proven moss and algae busting treatments.

Using only animal-friendly, biodegradable products (no bleaches or acids), we’ll remove moss and algae fast on many different types of surfaces. These treatments also inhibit regrowth for long periods, saving you money in the future.