Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is an extremely vigorous and invasive weed, introduced to the UK as an ornamental plant in 1825, and has become one of the most damaging and invasive species in Europe. 

Along with other invasive species, the control of Japanese Knotweed is a Europe-wide environmental concern and control of the species is covered by UK and European legislation.

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is known to damage structures, including walls and building foundations. Not only is it extremely difficult to get rid of, it thrives when disturbed. Small fragments of the plant, as small as 10 mm, can regrow to establish new growths. During the winter months, the plant dies back and may appear to be dead, but the root system (rhizome) is likely to be alive, continuing to grow below ground. As a result, all parts of the plant are considered as controlled waste making it very difficult for homeowners to dispose of cuttings.

The invasive nature of the plant and its potential to damage buildings means that where Japanese Knotweed is identified in a property purchase survey or home report, mortgage lenders often demand that the problem is professionally addressed.

Not many people are aware that it is illegal in the UK to cause Japanese Knotweed to spread from your property to your neighbours’ and so taking responsible action to control and remove growth is very important.

What Spraytech can do

We’re experts in the identification of Japanese Knotweed and up to 40 other species of invasive plants.

We’ll survey your property free of charge and confirm if the species is present.

If Japanese Knotweed is present, don’t worry. Our experience means we know what action to take. We can give you:

  • Surveys and management plans
  • A control and removal plan
  • Expert treatments
  • Full insurance
  • A 5-year guarantee

Some companies see the removal of Japanese Knotweed as an opportunity to charge unnecessarily high prices. At Spraytech, we always provide realistic and cost-effective prices for the plan of action we agree.

Our cost-effective treatments provide the control you need, and we’ll always develop a plan that’s tailored to your circumstances. If you would prefer the security of escrow or bond payments, we can arrange that too.

In our experience, the short-term one-off treatments offered by some companies, will not effectively stop and control the growth of Japanese Knotweed.

Contact us today to arrange for your free identification survey and to discuss your options.

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